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Website Copy

You hired an amazing website developer, paid a ton for that beautiful website, and sat back waiting for the clicks to tally up...

but instead, it's been crickets...

The world's a noisy place. Everything is vying for our attention all the time. 

You barely had the time to read this...

It's not enough to have a stunning website, it must solve the customer's problem...fast.

That's where I come in. 

I can help you elevate your site's traffic, enhance brand awareness, and boost sales by leveraging the power of persuasive web copy.

Let's work together to transform your website into a powerful tool for engagement and conversion. 

Blog Posts

People write blogs for all sorts of reasons...

to educate their peers,

to sell a product

to get back their ex...

It doesn't matter why you write, 

If you write well, you can build a loyal audience.

Don't believe me? 

Google "blogs about cute dog outfits for stay-at-home moms".

Let's work together to create compelling blog content that'll inspire, inform, and convert clicks to "kachings". 

How-to Articles

It's the information age which makes it your job to give your customers all the information they need about your product/ service. 

If you're looking for a great way to create a community of loyal believers while establishing yourself as the market expert...

This is it. 

Together, we can create engaging, informative, and interesting 'How-to' content for your target audience. 

Video/ Podcast Scripts

Are you a content creator who often gets tongue-tied,
repeats the same stuff over and over again, 
or has great ideas but isn't sure how to turn them into engaging content.

Let's talk.

Literally. I'll write engaging scripts tailored to your voice, that'll help guide your content creation process. 

Are you more of a Piers Morgan with a dash of Sam Kiseka from downtown?

I've got you. Together we can explore how to leverage your unique voice, create amazing content, and grow your follower base. 


"No one reads e-newsletters."

"The earth is flat."

"Africa is made up of 53 countries."

One of these statements has been proven to be wrong!

People read e-newsletters for many reasons: looking for inspiration, to get a discount, or to find out what's new with the brands they love.

e-Newsletters are how you create your own community of loyal supporters.

It's like having a book club dedicated to one thing: your brand.

Let's talk about how you can leverage this powerful tool to create brand loyalty, grow your sales, and gain market domination. 

Press Releases

The distinction between increased brand loyalty and getting cancelled is in:

What you say and how you say it.

Brands have been trashed for saying one thing while meaning another, or skirting around an issue they really should be clear about.

Don't let your media strategy be dictated by angry Twitter warriors

Let's work together so your brand always 
says the right thing, at the right time, in the right tone.

Other Services

Creative Strategy. Web page copy. Blog posts. Listicles. How-to articles. Video/ Podcast scripts. Podcast show notes. E-newsletters. Email campaigns. Social media posts. Support pages. Lead magnets. FAQ pages. Landing pages. Google ads. Facebook ads. Press releases. E-books. SEO content.

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